- Minnesota Governor Tim Walz

"Andrew is an effective leader who brings people together to get things done. He is not always the loudest or most vocal, but that's a good thing because he instead plays a necessary role advancing ideas that are ahead of their time, paying attention to details that otherwise get overlooked, and building consensus behind the scenes. He was a lead author of the paid sick leave ordinance, which proved critical to protecting over 100,000 workers during the pandemic. He also led efforts in 2018 to develop alternative responses beyond policing, which made it possible for launching mental health responders this year and moving other work over to civilians. He is a great partner and we need him to continue this important work!"

- U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar

"I strongly support the re-election of Andrew Johnson to City Council. He understands the power of working in partnership with others and he uses his voice effectively to advocate for our City at the Legislature. I respect and admire the work he does on behalf of our constituents and his ability to bring people together to resolve big challenges. We need Andrew's experience in City Hall!"

- Senator Patricia Torres Ray

"When I'm working hard at the Capitol on issues that matter, like affordable housing, racial equity, or the threat of climate change, I always know that Andrew Johnson has my back on the local level as a leader and ally on this work. I am proud to endorse him. I value his measured, thoughtful approach at City Council, and know that his continued leadership is critical to make sure that we continue to make progress."

- Representative Jim Davnie

"I'm grateful to have Andrew Johnson as a partner on the local level, engaging residents to strengthen our democracy. I'm eager to continue working with Andrew to support our communities and ensure everyone's voices are heard and represented."

- Representative Emma Greenman

"I'm proud to endorse Andrew Johnson for Minneapolis City Council! For years I have worked with Andrew to keep our community both healthy and safe. Together, we've empowered our Health Department to prioritize work that will spare countless Minneapolis children from lead poisoning. Andrew also worked to ensure that NENA is appropriately funded within the city budget so that NENA can continue to perform essential community services, like the food distribution program. On safety, Andrew has been pushing for intelligent changes to our public safety system since I met him and I trust him to continue working towards a safer Minneapolis for everyone that lives in our city."

- Jerome Evans (Community Leader)